Beach Badges

  • Feb 12, 2015

Are you thinking about going to the beach? Yes, we are too because we live in MN, and that's what you do when it's February, or January, or March, well you know, the six months out of the year when we are stuck with old man winter. You just might need a beach badge when you get there.

We call them Beach Badges, but they are actually quite versatile little creatures. They can be used anywhere that requires a season pass of some kind. They can be used for ski resorts, private beaches, golf clubs, amusement parks, just pin it where they can see it and you're good to go.

Beach badges can be as plain or as fancy as you'd like. With full-color printing you can really make them stand out. We can also laminate them with a security feature to make sure they aren't copied. So please, go to the beach, and bring us back some warm weather and sunshine, and don't forget your beach badge.

Beach Badges


Beach badges are digitally printed on Telsin® and laminated for durability. Great for beach or pool passes. Optional numbering available. ID-Secure lamination feature available for an extra level of security. Attached crimp pin included.

Check out our full line of beach badges here

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