Digital Watermarks

Ready to take your full-color product to the next level?

Now you can with our Digital Watermark Printing. To get started, follow these three easy steps.

1. Download the free Digimarc App. Scan the QR code below for iPhone and Android Devices.

Digimarc App Itunes
Digimarc App Android

2. Use the Digimarc App to scan the digital watermark on the interactive product.

3. Discover interactive content that immediately takes the user to a specified website!


Digital Watermarks are embedded into the image and are not visible to the naked eye. The image can then be scanned with a smartphone and immediately takes the user to a specified website!

Available on our Laminated Badges, Digital Full-color Badges, Buttons, Membership Cards, Economy Badges, Event Tags, Teslin® All-in-one Tags, Laminated Tags, Ribbons, Badge Billboards, Badge Talkers, Door Hangers, Parking Permits, Shelf Talkers, Rolodex® Cards, Bookmarks, Rulers, Magnets, Re-stick-its, Vinyl Labels, and Static Clings!