Colored Plastic Engraving Material

All materials are 2-ply and 1/16” thick. Used for Deluxe badges, shaped badges, Framed Badges (unless noted otherwise), Engraved Signs & Nameplates, Architectural Frames and Aluminum Holders. Information listed is: Color number, surface color and lettering/personalization color. Beveled edges will match the lettering color.

1-214 Polar White | Black 1-205 White | Blue
5-754 Brushed Gold | Black 1-854 Almond | Black
1-512 Blue | White 2-382 Grey | White
1-552 Navy | White 5-354 Brushed Silver | Black
1-912 Pine Green | White 1-602 Red | White
1-402 Black | White 1-622 Burgundy | White

Aluminum & Brass Materials

All materials are solid metal and .020" thick. Imprint and personalization methods vary by material. See chart below for details.

UV Inkjet Aluminum Badges


540 Brushed Silver Aluminum 541 Brushed Gold Aluminum 542 White Aluminum

Brass Badges


640 Brushed Gold Brass 660 Matte Black Brass 

Aluminum Inserts (UV Inkjet)

Snap-It Badges KMP, KM, KX

AG Brushed Gold Aluminum AS Brushed Silver Aluminum AW White Aluminum

Colors are as close as screens allow. If you are interested in an actual color swatch, please request a color chip.

Edge & Corners Options

Edge options are available for Deluxe Name Badges and Custom Engraved Signs. Corner options are available on Deluxe Name Badges, Custom Engraved Signs, Wood Badges and Wood Tags. Rounded corners are available on Brass and Aluminum badges. Beveled edges and rounded corners are available on products using our 1/16" engraving plastics. The size of the bevel or rounded corner may appear differently on your monitor depending on your settings. Request a sample if you would like to see actual size.

Rounded 1 Rounded 2 Rounded 3 Rounded 4 Rounded 5
Beveled Edge Straight edge Small 1/8"
Rounded Corner
Medium 1/4"
Rounded Corner
Large 3/8"
Rounded Corner

Engraved Logos

Laser or rotary engraved logos are available on select badge and sign products. Most logos are laserable, however, we need to review artwork and know the intended use, i.e.: signs and/or badges, before a quote will be done.

Lunds Badge

Laser setup charge of $40.00g, will apply to your initial order. The running charge is typically between $4.00c-12.00c, based on complexity. Prices are based on receiving electronic artwork. We will quote the laser setup charge and running charge after receipt of artwork.

Available on all engraved products (name badges, nameplates and signs). Engraving typestyles can be italicized at no additional charge. Specify ALL UPPER, all lower or Upper and Lower Case when ordering. If your engraved product has specially placed text (example: arched or angled text) there will be a $40.00g setup charge added to the order. Engraving layout change charge $40.00.

San-Serif Letter Styles



(Euro Characters NOT Available)


Avant Garde

(Euro Characters Available)


Helvetica Regular - Single Line

(Euro Characters Available)


Normal Block - Gothic

(Euro Characters Available)


Helvetica Bold - 6 Line

(Euro Characters NOT Available, Max Height is 3 inches, 20% upcharge, signs only)


Helvetica Medium - Three Line

(Euro Characters NOT Available, Maximum Letter Height is 3 inches)


Microgramma - 4 Line

(Euro Characters NOT Available, 20% upcharge, signs only)


Optima - 4 Line

(Euro Characters NOT Available, 20% upcharge, signs only)


Script Letter Styles

(upper and lower case recommended)


(Euro Characters Available)


Serif Letter Styles

Clarendon - 4 Line

(Euro Characters NOT Available)


Times Roman - Three Line

(Euro Characters Available)