Inventory Release Program

Our Inventory Release Program makes it easy for you to order the small quantities of products that will arise after you place your initial order. On your initial order, extra product is imprinted, paid for and placed in our online inventory system for later release. When you are ready to order more personalized product, simply go to to enter the names required into the predefined fields and submit your order.




How do I find eligible Release Program products?
Look for the RP symbol next to a product in this catalog! Dozens of products are available! 
How do I get started with an online release program?
When you place your initial badge order, extra badges are ordered and invoiced. The extras are then placed in our inventory program. Later when you need more badges, names are entered online and shipped directly to you!
Will the format of my badge stay the same?
Your order details are stored online. Including logo placement, name details (font, number of lines, etc) and fastener options. This insures consistency. Your branding is very important to us!
What is the cost?
Each item placed into inventory is charged an additional $3.70g. This fee covers inventory and domestic US Mail shipping costs for future orders.
Any way to save money on release program charge?
YES! Choose a minimum release of 5 per location for only $1.90g per badge or tag. Prefer to use your own UPS or FedEx account? The price is $1.50g per item.
Can I put coasters, mouse pads or counter mats in an inventory program?
YES! Choose from these coaster styles: GCM Mug Mat, GCS Mug Carpet, GCE Acrylic, GCL Leatherette, GCW Wood or GCC Cork coasters. Mouse pads available: Hard Surface DTP7818 or Fabric surface MC7818. Hard Surface Counter Mat sizes: CMS101518 or CMS111718. See page 73 in our 2021 catalog. Cost per item is $9.40g/mouse pad or counter mat. $3.70g/coaster.
What if I only need one badge right now?
Release as many as you need! One or one hundred! Each order can ship to exactly where you need it to go. Saving you from handling orders again.
I have a very long list of names.
Great! You can upload your spreadsheet through your online ordering website.
How fast will my badges come?
Badges are shipped within 2-3 business days of receiving your order. Allow additional time for shipping.
We have many stores we want to ship to.
Terrific! We will upload your store address list. It will be available when you place your order.
How will I know if I am low on badges?
With your initial order we will set a reorder point. You will receive an email alerting you to your low stock level. Contact your distributor to reorder!
How long will you keep my badges in stock?
As long as you are actively releasing products from your program we will keep it open. After 2 years of inactivity, your program will be closed.
How do shipping charges work with this program?
There is no shipping charge or invoice when products are released. Released products normally ship First Class Mail to USA addresses.  Alternate shipping methods are available for an additional cost. International shipping is also available when you provide a shipping carrier account number. If we receive a charge for an address correction, you will be invoiced for charges.
Orders must be in by 2:00 CST. Contact your customer service representative with any questions.