Promotional Products

  • May 13, 2015

Promotional Products. Do you really know what they are? Yeah, they are stuff with your logo on it, big deal right? Yes! They are a big deal. Whether it's a giveaway item, or something purchased, promotional products matter. Look around your house and pay close attention to anything with a logo on it. You just may be looking at a promo product.

At ID Line we specialize in badges. Badges that are worn every day at work, a weekend at a concert, all day at a conference, or at home because you know, it's just too pretty not to. Wood badges, metal badges, paper badges, hardboard badges, and plastic badges, all for your wearing pleasure.

We are also super fantastic at event badges. The last time you went to a conference did they give you a badge and a lanyard to wear? They did at the last one I went to! And guess what it had on there? Yup, the logo of the business sponsoring the conference. Now think about all the times every person at that event saw that logo. Amazing what a little promotional product can do.

So, the next time you are thinking of new and exciting ways to promote your business, think of ID Line and all the amazing products we have to offer. The best badges in the industry waiting for your customization, and take it from me, your new promotional products will be noticed.

Even our Badge Release Guy Brett loves his badge. Check out our website for all the amazing badges here!


Hardboard badges perfect for extra durability.

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